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Samir Loumachi – Palmerston North Youth MP

My name is Samir Loumachi, and in late October last year, I was announced as Jono Naylor’s Youth MP for Youth Parliament 2016. I’m really excited about the privilege and honour I have to represent youth in Palmerston North who deserve a say and influence on our future.

This year, my aim is to be as active as I can in my community and I encourage you to stay updated with my email newsletter where I will be announcing where and when I will be if you wish to meet me and discuss your views. Please feel free to share my website with your family and friends, as well as my social media pages in the links below.


Since I was 13, I was always looking for a way to represent my views but being under 18 made this difficult. Thanks to the Youth Parliament system, I have been given a voice that will act as a reflection for all Palmerston North Youth views, and I want to make sure my voice is the MAJORITY voice for all Youth in Palmerston North who deserve to be counted for in the same way I have.


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